Kauli Seadi, BRA253, passa a JP AUSTRALIA


Se Kauli è felice, il buon Jason Polakow se la ride di gusto… perchè questa è una news con il botto! Dopo anni di fedele militanza sulle Quatro boards, il campione brasilero ha appena firmato un contratto che lo lega a JP per i prossimi tre anni. Che dire… se uno dei piu forti waver della nuova generazione, fautore delle Twin Fin Wave Boards, approda alla corte di uno dei più forti waver della storia del windsurf… rimane solo da vedere quanto tempo dovremo aspettare per vedere i primi JP twinzer di serie!

The The rumor has been around for quite a while already. Now it is finally official. Kauli has signed a 3-year contract with JP.
Jason Polakow had the following to say:“For me Kauli is clearly the most talented wave sailor today. In real wave riding none of the other young guys is even close to him and on top of that he is able to add in his freestyle tricks. I basically initiated the talks with him, as I really wanted him on our team. So I am super happy that it finally worked out”.
Kauli was on his way to become a tennis professional when he first tried windsurfing at the age of 12. Being already a good surfer he was immediately hooked on windsurfing and gave up on tennis. He grew up in Ibiraquera close to Floranopolis in the south of Brazil where you find all kind of wave sailing conditions. With only 16 he started going to Maui to get ready for the PWA world tour. He has actually a lot in common with Jason Polakow. When he arrived on Maui, just like Jason, he immediately impressed people with his fluent wave sailing style and soon he started to integrate freestyle tricks into his wave sailing.
Kauli was one of the very first riders who started experimenting with Twin Fin Wave Boards - just like Jason used pintail wave boards while at that time everybody else on Maui was using asymmetrical boards. Kauli has continued to work on the Twinser concept even though some people thought that this direction was completely wrong. Today a huge percentage of the PWA fleet is using twinser boards. He basically initiated the biggest new trend in wave boards since the re-birth of pintail boards in the early nineties.
Kauli and Jason have two wave sailing titles under their belt and both are not from Maui.
Kauli commented the following: “I have been in touch with the management of JP for quite a while and have now finally decided to make this move. I am really stoked about it.
I am convinced that with their international connections and network we will be able to promote and push windsurfing to a new level. And especially show the youngsters what a cool and wonderful sport windsurfing is. I have always been impressed by the professionalism of the JP organization. I think my Brazilian roots and way of seeing things and their management skills will be a perfect combination.
Right now we are working on my own wave board line within the JP program. It will be a twinser fin line and it will come to the market this summer.
Apart from that I will keep enjoying windsurfing as if any day was my first day of wave sailing… that is my motivation - titles are a great bonus but having fun and focusing on reaching my best performance, are my goals!”


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