Cold Hawaii is in Denmark!


Mentre impazza il sondaggio pro e contro all’intenzione del PWA di far correre gli atleti con tavole di serie nelle tappe di wave e freestyle del Tour, un nuovo evento wave si aggiunge al calendario 2010 che a dire il vero, non è accora stato reso noto neppure sul sito ufficiale PWA. Da tempo si dice che in un circuito wave che si rispetti non può non esserci una tappa alle Hawaii… beh eccovi accontentati! Peccato solo che le Hawaii in questione siano le “cold Hawaii” in Danimarca, che in questo periodo, a guardare i vari telegiornali, si potrebbero chiamare le Hawaii… gelate! Ma non andiamo troppo per il sottile e diamo un caldo benvenuto agli organizzatori Danesi: a settembre 2010 le spiagge di Klitmøller, saranno teatro di una tappa Wave PWA World Cup con un montepremi di ben 30,000 Euro. Ed in questo periodo, come si suol dire… grasso che cola!
Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup website:

In September 2010, the waves and wind of the northern part of Denmark will welcome the best international windsurfers at the first Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. A unique event, which is part of the most prestigious windsurfing world cup series worldwide.
The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup will be staged in the northern part of Jutland 13 to 19 September 2010 and it is all about the “wave performance” discipline in windsurfing.
The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup embraces the best 48 wave sailing windsurfers in the world, who will no doubt do their utmost to achieve the important world cup points and qualify for the prize of 30,000 Euro.
The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is meant to be an annual event in the village of Klitmøller,- the capitol of Cold Hawaii.
Project manager for the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is Robert Sand, who grew up in Klitmøller and is still living there. Robert Sand is one of Denmark’s most experienced windsurfers and has competed on the world tour for many years.
The majority of the financial foundation for the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup comes from the municipality of Thisted and Sport Event Denmark as well as development assistance by LAG THY-Mors, without all of whom the event would not be possible.
Head of business and tourism affairs in the municipality of Thisted Jan Krogh says: “We are extremely pleased to stage the world cup. It will no doubt be a unique event, expecially thanks to the fantastic volunteers in the local surfklub, NASA. It is our vision in North West Jutland to stage two large international events annually and this is a good beginning”.
Chief Executive Lars Lundov, Sport Event Denmark adds: “We welcome as many international sports events as possible in all parts of Denmark and this Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, indeed, puts Thisted on the event map. The event is part of the world cup series and the target group is among others young surf enthusiasts. Therefore we will do our utmost to tell about the event up to and during the staging in social media.”
Laurids Mortensen from LAG Thy-Mors continues: ”LAG Thy-Mors supports the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup because the event puts the region on the world map. We are convinced that the event reflects the positive image of our region. But also, the world cup is expected to attract lots of spectators and later on numerous tourists, who want to experience the wonderful surfing facilities themselves”.
PWA tour manager Rich Page finishes: The PWA is delighted to finally be making the Journey to Klitmoller for the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. As a well known and long established wave sailing location, Klitmoller is well overdue its place on the PWA Tour, having been visited by PWA riders on many occasions.
Finally, thanks to the hard work of the local organisation team and thegenerous support of all those contributing to the event, Denmark will havean opportunity to prove to the world just what it has to offer in terms of top rate windsurfing conditions, as the greatest windsurfing show on Earthcomes to town!”


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