Toselli: news from El Medano!


Pare che anche che un altro dei francesoni motorizzati RRD sia entusiasta dei nuovi X-FIRE LTD V4 slalom boards… sentite cosa dice Pascal Toselli, al momento intento, beato lui, ad allenarsi a Tenerife!
«Just a week after I received my brand new X-FIRE LTD V4 slalom boards I was already flying to Tenerife Island to train in warmer conditions, looking at the next incoming season…
Right now it’s already 3 weeks that I’m training in Tenerife and I can tell you that the wind blows every given day! …ok, we had 4 days without wind… but sometimes you need a little of relax as well!
This is the first time I train on my new boards and the place is perfect to test and tune everything properly!
I already tested my new X-Fire 129, 122, 114 and 98 in all kind of conditions… and my first impressions are so good!
The first time you jump on those boards, you already have the feeling that everything works perfectly!
Here in Tenerife we are a small team training everyday and we put a fix race course with 4 buoys in El Medano to train everyday in real see conditions! I can tell you that this is the perfect way to be ready for the incoming racing season…
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