Sarah si ferma… grande lo stesso!


Era nell’aria già dal week-end, quando Sarah ha cominciato a rendersi conto che, giorno dopo giorno, non riusciva a recuperare dalla fatica e a mantenere le forze e la lucidità necessarie per coronare il suo grande progetto senza mettere a rischio la salute. Alla fine la ragazza esausta ha dichiarato… «ho raggiunto il mio limite e la mia vita è in pericolo. E’ tempo che mi fermi, per ora!»
Grande lo stesso e forse ancor di più per essersi resa conto e aver accettato i propri limiti… non tutti lo fanno e ci sarà comunque tempo, come si capisce dalle sue parole, per riprovare l’impresa! Brava Sarah!

Sarah Hébert: « I’ve reached my limit and my life is in danger. It’s time for me to stop, for now!”
Sarah Hébert has decided to put an end to her great challenge because of concerns with her health.
Paris, March 6th 2012. Sarah Hébert, who set off on February 22nd from the Almadies in Dakar to reach Saint François in Guadeloupe, has been forced to put an end to her challenge. The multiple strains and hardships she has endured since she has set off have put her health in danger and has no other choice than to stop.
“This is a beautiful, hard yet magical adventure. I do not regret anything. Everything I lived through before setting off as well as the time I have spent on the ocean has been incredible. I will always cherish these moments. Once I have been able to rest, I will take time to look into what happened but my preparation, equipment and my heart were not at fault, I am sure of that. Sometimes though, you have to accept your own limits and know when your body is telling you to stop. Even though this is hard on me, I’m focusing on what’s positive for now. I’ve learnt about myself, the ocean and being out at sea. This experience will be of great value in the future when I set off on new adventures.”
Sarah shared with us over the phone today. Sarah is currently resting on the boat and is heading to Saint François; weather permitting, they will arrive on Sunday March 11th during the day if all goes well.
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