Maui Monthly Magazine 98!


E già che stamattina siamo in tema Pistol River… beccatevi il numero di giugno, 98 per l’esattezza, del Maui Monthly Magazine è on line… di seguito il “menù” del magazine in Inglese!
All winners at the PIstol River AWT Wave Tour stop, so many names to list. And great results in the Maui Race Series, with Micah, Phil, and many other winners just to make the point, MauiSails is still the one to beat on Maui. And Micah went to Spain and showed some good speed, finishing in the top five in a particularly difficult light wind event. We are so stoked to have his efforts and valued contribution to he development and testing here at home.
Taty’s story about the the nine year old boy who lost his arm to cancer touched us big time. What really got us was the spirit of Taty in rising up to help this young fellow, to give of himself and go beyond for someone.


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