Endless Ride, Teaser…


Camille and Tom Juban are windsurfing brothers who are going after the Guinness world record for the longest wave ever windsurfed. Their quest takes them to Chicama, Peru, where the longest waves in the world await. But before they can break any records, they need to train, dial in the spot, and even enlist the help of the locals. It won’t be easy, but there is little these brothers won’t do for the mythical seven-minute ride. Can a Windsurfer Set the Record for Longest Wave Ever Ridden?
Endless Ride, Teaser


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  1. Maaaaaaaaax, guarda un po’ quand’è che c’è il primo treno per il Perù!

  2. O tu vai in Perù, o tu sposti la Chiesa, o tu vinci al totocalcio :-))

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