Un mese agli eventi di Santa Cruz e Pistol River!


Il calendario dell’AWT (American Windsurfing Tour) di cui abbiamo avuto un assaggio, tra fine febbario ed inizio marzo, con la prima tappa “estera” a Cabo Verde, propone tra un mese esatto da oggi  gli eventi di Santa Cruz e Pistol River!
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AWT Santa Cruz and Pistol River events start only one month from today. GoFundMe has been successful in raising funds for the California State Parks permit at Waddell. We are very close to the financial goal with 3 days left in the campaign. Check out the website now to see what kind of goodies you can get through the site. Ruben Lemmens has been working tirelessly to put together fun packages for the project. Items include a Kevin Pritchard signed poster, MFC Harness, Black Project Fins, photo shoot with Jimmie Hepp and more!



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