GARMIN in partnership with Team Funboard


GARMIN, worldwide leader in navigation facilities engages itself with the Funboard Team. This new collaboration will allow all the members of the Team to have access to navigation and calculating functionalities offered by the Foretrex 201 and Edge 305 GPS.
The Foretrex 201 is a waterproof personal navigator providing navigation and performance data such as speed and distance difference. This mobile GPS is particularly functional for the Team racers as it also offers a completely adjustable stopwatch.
Garmin Edge 305 will be a precious tool during the physical preparation of the Team (mostly based on biking) as it is a personal trainer and bike computer GPS. It offers the functions of a heart rate monitor, pace and speed captor and assesses personal performance with the Garmin Training Center.
“Garmin is proud and glad to collaborate with this World class French Team, and we count on the racers for the sharing of their experience to help us improve our products and set our image in the sliding environment”, says Laurent Lavallet, Head Marine Commercial for Garmin France.
By choosing Garmin as official partner, the Funboard Team shows its complete trust and interest in the use of the high quality GPS. Beneficial for both parties, this partnership, starting as from January 2008, aims to put the racers in the best possible conditions for high performance practice.
“Garmin develops high quality products providing data on navigation. We use GPS technology on the water for speed information but also after the sessions to follow the athletes’ improvements in navigation and speed. During physical preparation, controlling heart rate throughout the sessions is vital for an optimal work. The partnership set between Garmin and the Team is excellent news for us and will certainly be an asset throughout the season.” (Stephane Krause, Team manager).


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