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On the women’s side of windsurfing… il PWA decide di rilanciare la sua immagine, un po’ “sbiadita” nell’ultimo periodo, puntando sulle ragazze del Circus. L’eleganza, il talento e lo stile dimostrato in acqua dalle PWA women pro riders, sono destinate  a donare un’immagine più leggera e “cool” alle competizioni di windsurf. Le Moreno twins, Sarah-Quita Offringa, Karin Jaggi, Valérie Ghibaudo, Nayra Alonso, … solo per citarne alcune sono diventate in questi anni  “protagoniste” del nostro sport e svolgono un ruolo importante nello sviluppo del windsurfing. Con il loro approccio, amichevole e meno stressato a tutti gli aspetti del nostro sport, le donne del PWA sono le ambasciatrice ideali per nuove e divertenti attività promozionali durante le tappe del Tour… women’s fun races, training tips and techniques, windsurf clinics, windsurfing/stand up paddling introduction on the water… molte cose bollono in pentola per le ragazze!

girlonthetop.jpgGIRLS ON TOP
The Moreno twins, from Spain Iballa (E 63) & Daida (E 64)
One woman has been dominating the windsurfing scene since her debut in the late nineties; Daida Moreno has taken women’s windsurfing to another level, sometimes literally with massive jumps that would make any windsurfer turn green with envy. Daida is a phenomenal windsurfer and brilliant marketer, using her sailing and personality to push the sport to new heights - not only for herself, but for windsurfing in general. Being Daida’s twin sister it should come as no surprise that Iballa has been rocking the world of windsurfing big time too over the last couple of years. With incredible moves and jumps up her sleeve, Iballa may well only have a match in her sister, as in many wave and freestyle finals the Moreno twins go head to head. Moreover, they organized girls training camps where women riders from all over the world were coming to the same place to improve their windsurfing level but also to help them evolving into the windsurfing world, and that was a great success. 

Sarah-Quita Offringa, from Aruba (ARU 91)
At just 17 years old Sarah-Quita is the 2009 PWA Freestyle World Champion. It was no mean feat that she recently beat long-reigning multiple world champion Daida Moreno, and it looks like she’s going to be on the scene for many years to come. With a cheerful and positive attitude that brings a smile to the faces of all who meet her, Sarah-Quita is one of the most popular sailors on tour.

Karin Jaggi, from Swiss (Z 14) 
Not only is Swiss born Karin Jaggi a super-talented allround windsurfer, excelling in every discipline; she is also officially the fastest windsurfing woman on the planet with a world speed record of 41.2 knots. Over the years, Karin has demonstrated her versatility by winning several world titles in every discipline. As a key member of the PWA’s management board, Karin works tirelessly to promote the uptake of the women’s sport.

Valérie Ghibaudo, from France (F 444)
Nicknamed « the rocket », simply because she’s so fast on the water, Valérie excels in the art of windsurfing for many years and is today the PWA Slalom World Champion. She’s always looking to be at the top and did a great come back in competition 4 years ago after her child had grown old enough. Her little daughter, Margaux, is so proud of her mum that she follows her on all the podiums!

Nayra Alonso, from Spain (E 4)
Another fiery, red-hot Spanish talent. Born and bred in the relentless wind of her native Gran Canaria, Nayra’s abilities are feared by even the champions. Known for pushing her limits within competition, Aged 30, a quick learner, and fizzing with energy, she is one of the fastest learners in the sport and highly likely to climb the rankings further. Nayra joined the pro scene after only two years of windsurfing and is now pro active in the windsurfing press relations. As her own manager she focuses on how to make our sport more known to the public and proposes to talk about windsurfing from different interesting points of view.

Sarah Hébert, from France (ARM 1)
Sarah began her life with her parents and brother on a boat. Born in French New Caledonia she lived her childhood on the sea, traveling all around the world, discovering the most beautiful places on earth. She is now addicted to water sports, practicing windsurf full time to get at the highest level. Sarah also develops her professional career as a journalist for a water sports web tv channel and pushes hard to contribute to the development of her favorite sport.

Junko Nagoshi, from Japan (J 11)
This 33 year old all rounder has a thirst for competition in Waves, Freestyle and Super-X. Japanese born and bred she’s now based in windsurfing’s Mecca of Maui an ideal training ground for her to hone her exceptional skills. A relative latecomer to the competitive scene, Junko made an immediate impact by taking the 2005 Rookie of the Year award in her debut season, and has also become a significant threat at the specialist indoor game.

Laure Treboux, from Swiss (SUI 4)
Following in the Swiss footsteps of Karin Jaggi, Laure has made a huge splash in her debut year on the PWA circuit. With a fluid and graceful style, developed between the Red Sea and the West coast of Australia, her high standard of Freestyle performance has really helped to shake the women’s scene up. Alongside other young talent such as Sarah-Quita, a new age of women’s freestyle performance has dawned.


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