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E il battage continua… di seguito trovate in inglese le “hot news at just 1 week before the event”, tra le quali la più importante riguarda la partecipazione dei più giovani alla madre di tutte le long distance. Eh si perchè mentre il windsurf festeggia il suo quarantaduesimo anniversario, almeno 100 under 20, proveniente dai paesi surfisticamente un po’ più evoluti, prenderanno il via a questa undicesima edizione della Defi Wind e la cosa non può che farci un immenso piacere… forse il windsurf non è più solo uno sport per vecchi!
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Youth Power on the 11th Defi Wind!
Ok, even if windsurfing will celebrate its 42nd anniversary this year, the sport keeps attracting many young people. On this 11th edition of the Defi, almost a 100 - all aged under 20 years - will be on the starting line! While some will even travel from Germany, Switzerland or Portugal, French kids such as Arthur Arutkin, Julien Bouyer, Mortefon and Cousin families or Olivia Piana and Steve Laubaney will be there to battle against the “old guys” . And among the 10th participants coming from Portugal, we had the opportunity to chat with Martim Monteiro, 19 years old : “I come from Carcavelos near Lisbon. I know the Defi Wind by our friends who came in 2008. I especially like to be in the largest concentration of windsurfers on earth. This year is the 2nd year I join.  My main goal is to make the top 50. I know it will be very difficult, but I’ll give my best. I just stay very happy because it’s one of the best week of windsurfing of the year !”
The pros give you some tips…
We asked some champions so they can share with you some advices that might help to enjoy your sailing and your stay in Gruissan. Here are their top tips.
Fanny Aubet (7th PWA slalom women ranking 2010): “Good settings are important for a comfortable and fast run because the races are very long, but have fun with your mates… The evening is a little more to relax, so enjoy ! ”
Gerald Pelleau (8th on the Defi 2010):  “Do not innovate in settings or in gear for the Defi. Go with the gear and settings that you know and that you adjust on the spot, On D-Day, sail 10/15 minutes 1/2h before starting to tune up your settings and locate the starting line. Come back to the beach for 5 minutes and drink, and then quietly sail away 20 minutes before the departure by placing you close to the beach, ready to reach the line.”
Bieuzy Mauffret (3rd on the Defi 2010): “Managing your time before the race and then find a place sheltered from the wind between the two races, to be in top form at Nasser’s concert on Saturday night!”
Pascal Toselli (2nd on the Defi 2010) : “I think it’s good not to change your usual settings. You’d better enjoy it as a normal session and get used to your stuff not to have any pressure. (ps: do not abuse at night without some serious preparation throughout the year !!!)”
Concerts ready to rock the « Plage des Chalets »!
Beware, there will (also) be a lot of sound! And yes, because the Defi is also about “afters.” After many efforts on the water, there will be a great music program as about 12 local groups will play live from Friday afternoon. You want names ? Ok ! Nasser, Batucadas, Smoky Joe Combo, Trafiko, Modjo Band, but also pro windsurfer and singer originally from Bonaire, Ruben Petrisie accompanied by Pintos. Will the decibels be stronger than Tramontana?
The “Night & Day” trophy by Soöruz: still in!
Not to forget is the unavoidable other Trophy, the famous “Night & Day”. A trophy that can crown not necessarily very valiant competitors on the water but also very active ones… at night! Powered by the brand Soöruz, always ready to bring the beach on fire in one way or another on every edition of the Defi, the “Night & Day” trophy will be in again this year. So let’s have fun, but with moderation!
 A photographer from the New York Times on the Defi!
Commissioned by the New York Times, the famous American newspaper, photographer George Steinmetz (www.georgesteinmetz.com) will travel to Gruissan to remember the good memories of aerial photographs he took during the stages of World Cup windsurfing in Hawaii late 80’s. Redirected to the Defi event by the magazine Windsurf Mag U.S. when he sought to find again “this special atmosphere with all the colorful sails scattered on the sand,” George Steinmetz will certainly impress and there is no doubt that his superb shots will be well exported beyond the Atlantic!
Next PR on May 30th, at just 2 days before the opening of the event !
More infos on our website : www.defiwind.com and our facebook page : www.facebook.com/LeDefi


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