Now Online: Fanatic Freeride/Freerace 2013


La nuova collezione Fanatic Freeride/Freerace  (Hawk, Shark, Falcon e Ray) è da qualche ora online on sul sito
E un video di presentazione del gamma Fanatic 2013 è disponibile su YouTube Fanatic Boardriding Channel


This year the focus has been concentrated on the Freecarve, Freemove and Slalom ranges. Led by the revolutionary thin-railed Gecko line, there are also exciting new shapes among the fast and furious Hawks that have returned to their Super-X roots, mixing the best of Freestyle and Slalom behaviours. We also revamped almost the entire Falcon PWA Slalom range, with only the proven 79, 89 and Falcon Speed styles remaining unchanged. The new Ray Freerace lines are identical versions of the Falcon 102, 112 and 122 for unbeatable value access to elite racing shapes in stiff and tough Biax Glass Sandwich versions. Elsewhere we’re sticking with wining formulas for beginners’ and kids’ with our recognized Ripper and Viper shapes loved by instructors and learners alike.






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