Arriva la Zephyr by Ezzy!


In controtendenza con quasi tutte le velerie che sfornano ogni anno miliardi, ma che dico… milioni di nuove linee, Ezzy annuncia una novità per tutti quei surfisti un po’ vagabondi e scansafatiche… che magari potranno usare questa novità abbinata ai moderni longboard o stand-up paddle boards! Ma la novità dov’è direte voi… la novità è che si tratta della Zephyr una light wind sail disponibile solo nella misura 7,5, offerta ad un prezzo competitivo malgrado l’alta qualita’ di Ezzy, intorno ai 500 euro.

Hello Ezzy friends, I hope you are relaxing and enjoying the holiday season. We have a bit of good news for you. We have fresh new sail called the “Zephyr” and comes in one size, a 7.5.
This sail is LIGHT and designed for the ever popular long boards and
stand-up paddle boards that are showing up everywhere.
It features the same spectra-x film that is on our SE, Freeride, and Infinity collection… but uses less reinforcements to reduce weight. It is plenty strong, fast, and rigs up easy. The Zephyr is meant to be used in lighter wind (pre-planing conditions) but has a huge range as evident by the 7.0 cm spread between max and min outhaul settings. Once planing it is fast and comfortable. We expect to have this sail in stock in late February.
Here are some specs:
Size: 7.5
Luff: 485-488
Boom: 215-224
Suggested Mast: 460 or 490
No. of Battens: 6


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