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Giovani… si fa sempre per dire… se avete voglia di diventare veramente veloci o ambizioni di competere in qualche evento slalom,  il JP/Harry Nass Windsurfing Camp a Dahab, in programma dal 20 al 27 agosto prossimi, è quello che fa per voi. Tre “maestri” d’eccezione vi “piloteranno” verso il vorticoso mondo della velocità… Micah Buzianis, US34, top PWA Slalom Racer, Robby Swift top PWA Wave rider and Slalom Racer ed il loro coach Dirk Muschenich, vi sveleranno, insieme al team di Harry Nass, tutti i segreti ed i trucchi per essere realmente veloci e strambare alla perfezione. Il camp si avvarrà della barca appoggio, in modo da realizzare i video, in cui si potranno esaminare i propri errori ed i partecipanti saranno dotati di GPS per la rilevazione della loro velocità. Visto che il camp cade nel periodo estivo, canonico delle ferie italiane e il costo è decisamente abbordabile (190 euro) perchè non farci un pensierino?!
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20.-27 August 2009 with Micah Buzianis US34 and Robby Swift K89
powered by JP Australia and Harry Nass Surf and Action Center, Dahab/Egypt

After the successful events in 2007 and 2008 this one is going to be even bigger a better.
Many windsurfers would like to become faster, some have considered to compete in a Slalom event – just for fun - but were not sure if they are actually good enough to do so? Or they simply want to get their jibes finally to perfection? If you are one of those guys - this camp will be excellent for you.
Micah Buzianis, US34, top PWA Slalom Racer from Maui Hawaii, Robby Swift top PWA Wave rider and Slalom Racer and head coach Dirk Muschenich, former winner of the German Windsurf Cup and now professional windsurf coach plus Harry Nass and his team will tune your speed and jibing to perfection.
Don’t worry this camp is not aiming at semi professionals – while they are still welcome – but  at people who simply love windsurfing, enjoy speed, want to get faster, improve their jibing and maybe get a bit involved in racing. Or some might simply join because they enjoy sailing with  a group of people.
In groups of maximum 10 people you will find out about how to
- trim and fine tune your equipment
- get faster (GPS)
- improve your jibing and bring it to perfection
- jibe around a buoy in the middle of a racing fleet
- do Lemans beach starts
- do boat starts
- get your body ready for slalom and speed (Gym, Nutrition)
- win races
As you can see jibing is a very important point. Jibing is the one thing which decides between enjoying windsurfing or hating it and most races are won by the best jiber in the fleet.
To achieve this you and your coaches will use the latest equipment
- start boat
- video analyses
- GPS devices to check your speed
At the end of the camp we will have a Slalom competition. The winner will get a brand new JP Slalom board. If you are concerned that this sounds all too serious - don’t worry, there will be plenty of fun. We really want to emphasis that you don’t need to be a top-level windsurfer to enter this camp. If your main goal is to become a confident jiber and get that bit faster so that you can upset your friends a bit by overtaking them – you will enjoy this as well as everybody who wants to start racing and get ready for it or those who already race and want to get better. There will be various training groups with various levels and goals for the week.
The EUR 190,- package price include:
- one week camp with Micah, Robby, Dirk, and Harry’s team
- a JP/Harry Nass Windsurfing Camp Lycra
- participation in the final race
- price giving party
You can bring your own equipment or rent the latest JP and NP stuff from Harry Nass.
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