Kauli interview!


Quattro chiacchiere (in Inglese) con Kauli Saeadi riguardo alle sue nuove tavole, il giorno dopo l’annuncio ufficiale del passaggio a 99!
Photo: Maria Fernanda Seadi.


Hi Kauli, where are you at the moment?
I’m in Sao Miguel do Gostoso, Brasil.
So… you are working in your Windsurf Center in Gostoso, how is the season going?
Season has been really good , windy and sunny everyday, warm water and some fun little waves to keep practicing some wave and freestyle moves.
You have a big and unexpected news… you are going to leave JP and join 99NoveNove. Last year you changed NP to Hot Sails but you have remained in the JP team. All the world was curious if you would change JP for 2015 or not. Being anymore with NP brought you some problems or pressure by JP?
Time passes and goals change, on these last 2 years I have decided to invest more on free surf trips, to explore around the world windsurfing spots and I needed to have a break from competition on all those onshore spots on PWA.  That choice of mine wasn’t really matching the goals of NP and JP, as they really like results on the PWA tour.
So back then Jeff from Hot Sails really gave me an injection of hope and supported me on my new goal , and now 99 also really likes the idea to work together and has designed some really good boards for my down the line tour… ahahah.
Many brands contacted you in the last months, why you decided 99NoveNove?
Because of the fact that the guys who created the brand are passionate windsurfers since many years and they know how the market is and they will not matter what because  we love windsurf to keep improving and going to new stages.
Cesare Cantagalli has invented the first forward rotation in windsurfing, and you are one of the most important rider that has pushed the new era of multi fins few years ago. Now Cesare and you are in the same team… what can the world expect from this incredible union?
I believe he has a lot of knowledge from all the experience over the years on windsurf and this definitely helps a lot on the development process of the new shapes of the boards from all the line. Also Gianni is extremely talented and well experienced shaper and I believe he will be able to put my particular ideas on the shapes to make some amazing new boards.
Can you already anticipate us something about your new wave board developments with 99NoveNove?
They are a surprise for the moment, but they are really going to be special wave toys!
Are you going to work on different set up fins for the new 99NoveNove boards?
I mainly ride quads, but thruster sometimes can be fun to ride , so maybe we do something multi-fin, so we can play around depending on the conditions.
Are you going to collaborate with Gianni Valdambrini for a new and different shape for the next 99NoveNove boards?
Definitely, already working on some protos, hope to try them in Cabo Verde.
And something new about your sails…?
Now sails only have 2 battens…, just a joke , still the KS3 from Hot Sails with the 3 battens.
We have been making some small modifications and growing the range on the bigger sail sizes, now we make a 6.4 on 3 battens that is really good. I always tell Jeff and Tom that those are the best sails I ever had, they don’t need changes, they have everything you need, feel light, powerful, stable…
Are you going to Italy to meet 99NoveNove’s team?
Maybe later this year, but for the moment we have decided to meet in Cabo Verde instead of Italy, so we can already do some tests.

What is your plan for the next months?
AWT in Cabo Verde, Maui, Tahiti, Cook islands, Tonga, Peru and Aloha Classic in end of the year.

And what about your boat trip looking for new and amazing spots?
We are going to French Polinesia, where we will meet some friends on their boat and stay with them for 2 months until Tonga.

The AWT and PWA 2015 calendar is out, there are some interesting events for the AWT like Cabo Verde. PWA events are still the same. Are we going to see your come back in the tour or in some events?
I plan to do the good wave riding events!

Last but not least, you got married last summer. What’s up?
Married life is awesome, my wife is really good with me, we really support each other and she loves adventures like me.





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