NeilPryde presenta la nuova RS:RACING EVOI


Neil Pryde presenta la nuova RACING EVOI (Racing Evolution One), evoluzione con indirizzo slalom nelle misure 6,2 e 6,7 della blasonata RS. Robert Stroj e il NeilPryde Design Centre Team (NPDC), in collaborazione con il tre volte campione del mondo, Antoine Albeau, hanno modificato ed aggiornato il design e lo shape della RS in queste due misure per realizzare una vela più veloce, ma in grado di mantenere un feeling “morbido” che “regala” una navigazione ed un controllo più facile anche nelle condizioni impegnative, che si possono incontrare nello slalom.

NeilPryde is proud to introduce the RS:RACING EVOI. With numerous world & competition titles to it’s name, there can be no doubt that the RS:RACING’s unique combination of technology, control and on the water performance has set a new standard of excellence on the race course. But there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ sail. Feedback from the NeilPryde International Race Team indicated that there was a need to improve two of the key RS:Racing sail sizes; the 6.2m & the 6.7m.
So Robert Stroj and the NeilPryde Design Centre Team (NPDC), in collaboration with three times 2007 World Champion Antoine Albeau, worked to update the design of these two sizes to deliver a sail that is faster, softer and more forgiving on the water.
This sail is now known as the RS:RACING Evolution One.
“With the RS:RACING we set the standard of current race sail performance. With the confidence that we have in the current RS:RACING we didn’t see the need to change the design in all the sizes. We did how ever feel the need that the 6.2 and 6.7, our most important slalom sizes, could use a little improvement.
Once again the range of RS:RACING sails is complete; with the smoother profile and better control the RS:RACING EVOI will lift you to new level of speed and slalom sailing. Again making the difference between winning or losing!”

Pieter Bijl / NED 0 NeilPryde Design Centre
With the exception of the EVOI name being printed on the sail you won’t be able to see the difference in the way the sail looks but you will be able to feel the difference on the water as it is the shaping of the sail that has been improved to deliver far greater performance.
To find out more on the design of the EVOI and for comments from Antoine Albeau and Micah Buzianis on the new sails please visit


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