Manta 09 by Tabou


Mentre gli sforzi di molti shaper delle più importanti factory sono concentrati sulle tavole wave della prossima stagione, Fabien Vollenweider e Tabou presentano una nuova generazione di Manta. A fianco dei confermati modelli più “slalomeggianti” 49, 54 e 59, Tabou introduce ben quattro nuovi shape da vento medio e leggero: quattro tavole per provare il brivido della velocità e le sensazioni della gara, senza perdere nulla in fatto di confort. Più versatili e più manovrabili dei modelli dello scorso anno, i nuovi Manta 64, 69, 79 ed 85 sono tavole senza limiti di velocità, perfetti per risalire il vento e per planare al primo refolo.


The all new Manta Range has every condition covered. From high wind, record breaking speed runs to light air marginal slalom racing conditions the Tabou Manta’s have just what you are looking for. Our range has grown to accommodate our team riders and their desire to have whatever it takes to be on top of the podium. For 2009 we will be introducing some new sizes. The first is our largest size, the Manta 85. With 135 liters of volume, early planning and instant acceleration come with ease. This new design utilizes a wider, powerful tail section combined with a race proven bottom shape that delivers horsepower as well as top end control. Our race team had a lot of success on last years Manta 80 and utilized its strong points to create an unstoppable machine.
The all new Manta 79 quickly rages onto a plane getting you to full speed in no time. Once you are locked in, hang on and feel that extra touch of top end speed that will keep everyone behind you! Ross Williams is raving about this board, “I have had some great results on last years Manta 80, even winning several rounds on the PWA with it and this new 79 gives me more speed, more confi dence and
makes my life on the race course much easier!” says Ross.
Filling in the gap between our light air boards and the high wind racing machines are 2 new sizes and shapes that will set a new standard! One of the main objectives of these 2 sizes was for instant acceleration out of the turns. A wider tail and refi ned rails deliver the power to leave the pack behind you when rounding the mark.
These new sizes have been developed under the very successful design team working with Fabien Vollenweider.
The successful fire breathing Manta 59 and Manta 54 remain the same for 2009. Why? High wind locations such as the biggest stop on the PWA tour in Gran Canaria have proven that these boards have the goods in the high winds. Seeing Ross Williams battling it out with his Team Boss for fi rst place in some of the intense fi nals show that the boards are built for top end performance. Matt Pritchard put Tabou and the Manta 54 on the podium in Gran Canaria, narrowly missing out on the top spot!
The Manta 49 remains the same as well, sending our speed team down the course without compromise. This successful shape still holds the production world speed record!


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