Onofri nell’International SUP/Surf Team di Fanatic


Fanatic annuncia la composizione del suo International SUP/Surf Team per il 2011 e tra le tante stars estere emerge l’italianissimo Alessandro Onofri (che potete vedere in azione l’inveno scorso alle prese con le non troppo calde onde dell’Adriatico con il suo Fly WE Fanatic, cliccando su… https://www.windnews.it/2010/04/06/stand-up-paddle-nostrano/).

Fanatic is proud to announce their International SUP/Surf Team for 2011:
- Kirsty Jones/Great Britain
- Charlie Grey/Great Gritain
- Chase Kosterlitz/St. Pete Beach, Florida
- Gabi Steindl/Austria
- Fred Bonnef/Spain & France
- Rob Small/Great Britain
- Alessandro Onofri/Italy
Craig Gertenbach, Fanatic: “I´m very happy to announce our International Fanatic SUP/Surf team. At Fanatic, our team riders have always had a close link in product development and promotion to the brand, for a true boardriders company feeling. Our current Windsurfing Team is one of the most successful ever, so we hope to emulate this with our SUP/Surf teams in the future, keeping the great family atmosphere amongst the riders as one of the winning ingredients. Look forward to watch the progress of Chase, Fred, Alessandro and Charlie on the National and International SUP circuits, whilst the images, special events and input from Kirsty, Rob and Gabi will keep inspiring us to make the most innovative and fun to use products on the market and most possible PR! Plus we do have our International Windsurf team riders with Nayra Alonso, Marcilio Browne, Klaas Voget and Victor Fernandez as well as our National Opinion Leaders, who are also representing our Fanatic SUPs whenever the wind is not blowing.”



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