Una bicicletta, un sup ed un fiume!


Il video report di una tranquilla giornata nello splendido scenario di casa  sua (Jackson, WY) dell’olimpionica di sci Resi Stiegler, tra mountain bike, un fiume ed il nuovo sup gonfiabile Naish Mana Air inflatable.

The Naish Mana Air, a Bike and a River from Naish International on Vimeo.

The Mana Airs are premium, high quality inflatable boards designed with extra thickness and width for unmatched firmness and stability. They are incredibly stable, durable and compactable for traveling paddlers riding in whitewater, rocky bottom flatwater or surf conditions.The Mana Air 6” is hands down the most rigid, stable, performance-oriented inflatable SUP board on market. The Mana Air 4” is for lighter riders and for paddlers needing the transportability of an inflatable board while on a budget. Both the 6” and the 4” come complete with a high-pressure gauge pump and a durable canvas carry case.
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