JP Aloha Classic - day 7


Belle onde, ma vento leggero e rafficato… il che ha coinciso con un’altra giornata di attesa per i rider PWA, ma non per gli Amatori, le Donne e i Master (categoria assai numerosa dove “navigano” parecchi italici locals…) dell’AWT che hanno continuato la loro avventura, arrivando ad un passo dalla conclusioni dei rispettivi tabelloni prima che il vento calasse del tutto ad Hookipa.
Le previsione per oggi e domani appaiono sukkose con un bel periodo tra un’onda e l’altra e la possibilità di vento un po’ più sostenuto: ci potrebbe scappare un double elimination con i contro…
Date un’occhiata a cosa ne pensa Levi Siver nel consueto report giornaliero del PWA.
Foto © AWT/Sicrowther


Day 7: Siver in the hot seat as anticipation builds for big Thursday and Friday
Day seven of the JP Aloha Classic - presented by Nalu Kai - saw the excellent waves continue, but the light and gusty winds made for a tough day of competition for the AWT amateurs and masters. The PWA fleet were released at 1pm with the forecast predicting better conditions for Thursday and Friday. Despite the light winds the amateurs put on an excellent display of sailing as they demonstrated pro-like wave selection and execution. Unfortunately the wind soon dropped at Ho’okipa meaning that the competition came to a premature end.
Earlier in the day we caught up the man who co-starred in the biggest windsurfing movie of 2010 - the Oxbow Waterman Experience - which was a follow up to ‘The Windsurfing Movie’. He has also been dubbed the ‘King of Style’ due to his fluid, flowing style on the wave. Of course we are talking about none other than Levi Siver (Quatro / Goya Windsurfing / MFC).
PWA: How are you feeling after your victory in the single elimination?
LS: “Well, I couldn’t imagine better conditions and more talent in one place. I was amazed at the moves everyone was doing. I came with a different state of mind and approach to competition this year.  I had one goal in mind and that was to have fun and enjoy the windsurfing.  I was able to just free my mind from the contest and have a blast.”
PWA: You took a break from competition for a while; why was this and do you think the break helped you? What made you want to compete again?
LS: “I had to leave the tour I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.  When I lined up with Quatro and Goya they said they couldn’t care less if I did the tour and they told me to go have fun and make movies I was in Heaven!   I fell in love with windsurfing again because I didn’t have that pressure. I felt a genuine support and my sailing started to shine again.  I never cared for contest but I did them for sponsors in the past but now I do them on my own terms and with good support and that feels much better.”
PWA: Which setup were you on in the single?
LS: “I was riding the Quatro thruster Pyramid and 5.0 Banzai.”
PWA: Riders to watch out for in the double?
LS: “Ah man that’s an impossible question because there’s so many good guys and you never know who’s gonna click in.  I would like to have Brawzy and Musso kill it because that would make the ranking interesting and they are my good friends too.  I just look forward to watching some more sick windsurfing!”
PWA: Thanks Levi and good luck in defending your title in the double elimination.
The forecast for tomorrow looks amazing - with many of the locals and sailors excited about the prospect of the conditions we should be greeted with - tomorrow sees a swell of 1.6m predicted with a 13 second period and a gradient wind of 14 knots, which should translate to 20+ knots on the water making for an epic day of sailing. The skippers’ meeting for tomorrow has been called for 10am with the first possible start at 10:30am. Don’t miss any of the action by tuning into the livestream at





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