Fabrice Beaux: Cap Hatteras Video


Nuovo video, fresco, fresco di Fabrice Beaux in azione a Cap Hatteras, il migliore windsurfing spot della East Coast degli Stati Uniti!
«I put this video together after our contest-trip in Cap Hatteras. I like that place and that event: the conditions, the people and the landscape make it a unique place to go windsurf. I have been there 4 times for contest and I always did well. The locals and the windsurfing visitors are always super excited to have the pros on their local spots and we always get a warm welcome there.
The AWT organizers did a great job again this year, and invited Miho and I to stay in the staff house. It was huge house with a pool, Jacuzzi, and small movie theater. This way we were always in the center of the action and it was so much fun to hang out with everyone.
I also took advantage of being there to present and premier our latest film, “New Hawaii”. I was so stoked to hear all the positive responses that people had to say about it and asking me question about our killer spot in the North Philippines.
Cap Hatteras is perhaps the best windsurfing spot on the East Coast of the US, and I hope that this video might inspire you to go on windsurfing trip there.»

EPISODE 14 - CAP HATTERAS - by Fabrice Beaux from RRD International on Vimeo.


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