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Beh… pare che non solo Wind News sia sempre in ritardo (per la cronaca siano finalmente in dirittura di arrivo con il numero di feb/marzo: una faticaccia far combinare la varie cose….comunque domani stampiamo!)… on line da pochi minuti il numero di gennaio del Maui Mothly On-line Magazine!

Maui Monthly Magazine - Issue #93 January
January is the new beginning. Here we are already well into the new year and already lots is happening. There are TR-9s getting out to the world and so far the reaction has been very good. Some excellent results in FW in Australia from Steve Walsh and Remi Dunoyer along with outside reports of their excellent upwind speed are making us feel we have gotten onto something good with the latest evolution of the lower aspect outlines. We have also heard from France that testing is showing very competitive speed in slalom as well. Meanwhile Art has been hammering away on the new versions of Mutant, Loco, and Legend for the Spring development and testing. Taty has been after us for some time to take our understanding of four batten shaping so successful with the Mutant and apply it to the Loco, so we have some prototypes ready for testing next week… - Barry Spanier .

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