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Neil Pryde lancia oggi dal suo sito le sue nuove vele da slalom e racing della prossima stagione… sull’onda dell’ennesima vittoria di Antoine Albeau, 2010 Slalom World Champion, arrivano le nuove RS:RACING EVOIII e RS:SLALOM MKIV che adottano il nuovo sistema Integrated Compact Clew (sistema simile a quello utilizzato quest’anno da altre velerie sulle vele slalom e racing) che elimina il caratteristico cut-out sopra la bugna, adottato sulle vele di quest’anno.
Per saperne di più e per vedere le vele dal “vivo” in azione date un occhio al video a fondo news…


Introducing EVOIII – the sail used by Antoine Albeau, 2010 Slalom World Champion. If you are looking for performance, you are looking at the right sail. This is a full breed racing sail.
Also launching today is the RS:SLALOM MKIV - designed to deliver, performance, ease of use and pure joy to the user, this sail is fast with incredible low-end acceleration and good high-end speed.
With the RS:RACING EVOIII and RS:SLALOM MKIV we introduce the Integrated Compact Clew where, in comparison to the current Dynamic Compact Clew, we have eliminated the cut-out at the clew and connected the foot area with the leech by closing the sail behind the boom end.
NeilPryde Head Designer, Robert Stroj, explains the concept: «I have been thinking about this clew concept since my time at ART. After the introduction of the Compact Clew that came out on the RS5 at the end of 2004 I was hoping to be able to take this concept one step further and use all the advantages of the Compact Clew without having to compromise the outline of the sail.
The real advantage of this new concept is that there is a tension connection between the foot edge and lower leech. This helps to keep the foot of the sail from blowing out in gusts and also makes the whole leech twist, harmonically, getting even more out of the advantages already associated with the regular and Dynamic Compact Clew (improved lower leech twist and much reduced draft movement due to the lower leech ability to create reflex behind the boom which releases excessive power and effectively locks the draft forward).
In addition, there is the benefit of a cleaner sail outline, when compared to the Dynamic Compact Clew, and therefore better aerodynamics as it is not necessary to have a clew cut-out.»


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