Great battles expected in Six Fours


Ultime notizie riguardanti i pre iscritti alla gara di fine mese in programma nelle spiaggie di Six Fours, evento che potrebbe diventare, se le condizioni meteo lo permetteranno, di altissimo livello… vi basti sapere che per l’Italia, nel freestyle, si sono già registrati, tra gli altri, riders del livello di Mattia Fabrizzi e Filippo Bestetti!
While registrations are open and on the way, we are getting ready to expect great Freestyle battles on the EFE this year! Overall (wave and freestyle) winner of the 2010 EFE edition, the local boy Adrien Bosson is currently in Brazil training hard to keep his title this season. Winner of the overall 2009 EFE who got injured last year and missed out the freestyle discipline, Vincent Mellouet from Grenoble has not said its last word and never missed out an opportunity to show off his latest freestyle and waves skills. Two champions, Bastien Rama and Julien Mas will be ready on sight to take on the “young guns”. Mas who trained in Bonaire for several weeks and also accomplished a superb first season on the Freestyle World Tour with his World Tour ranking at number 18 this year (from a list of more than 60 riders) simply seems more than ready this season.
Already registered and also a rider to watch out for, Manu Canepa Mr. Dangerous, who achieved a nice third place at the EFE “National Rankings” last year. But above all, these guys should all fear the presence of the current best French freestyler, no other person than Antony Ruenes himself, all the way from La Ciotat with a ranking at number 7 on the Freestyle World Tour. Only if he’d be available at this time, “Anto” would then put loads of pressure on the boys and would add even more spices to the freestyle contest!
Regarding the foreigners, Italians have already registered: Mattia Fabrizzi, Filippo Bestetti and others are already on the list. Fabrizzi, recently crowned Italian champion in freestyle this season. The Italian freestyle champion again joins the EFE to keep his spot as the winner of the EFE/EFPkT U 20 years, while Bestetti certainly wants to take his revenge on Bosson in the EFE “National Rankings”. We hope to welcome back the German kid Valentin Böckler (EFE 2010 / U 20 years EFPkT Tour winner 2010) and the Dutch Tym Ruyssenars, (EFE 2010/ EFPkT Tour winner in 2010) in the category U 17 years, ahead of the local talent Paco Mercader. As for foreign kids precisely, the surprise could come from a very young freestyle talent from the island of Aruba who is making the trip to France with his mother. Steven Max already has an incredible freestyle history at the age of 13 according to the head judge and organizer of the EFPkT circuit Ruben Petrisie! We’re looking forward to welcome him so that he can compete with the best in his class, such as the young local Loïck Lesauvage.
In terms of waves, we hope that the “Mistral” and the Mediterranean Sea will grant at least 1 day to provide the waveriders (50 participants last year!) and the organization a radical show on the spot of la Coudoulière. We also can expect serious battles in this discipline, between locals and “guardians” of the spot like Jean Marc Viande (winner in 2010), The Légier brothers, Pierre Parramon and Didier Leneil, hot shot locals from Marseille Cedric Bordes or Sylvain Puig. But if Thomas Traversa, currently ranked 4th on the PWA Wave World Tour, passes by, be sure he’ll kick some asses! To be continued…
Anyway, here’s basically what we can say a few days before the event. The least we can say is that the motivation is still there and growing, The rise up of the EFE as a meeting place for French and European Freestylers, where wave riding fanatics are also pleased with this kind of event that mixes the two disciplines very well for all levels, all ages … and all nationalities!
And last but not least, a 1st video teaser has been uploaded online!


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