Long Distance recognition, wave action and clinics…


Un’altra bellissima giornata sotto il segno del sole e del vento a Dakhla… mentre Philippe Bru ha deciso di portare i vari riders (10 windsurfers e 15 kitesurfers) a fare una ricognizione in laguna lungo il percorso della long distance (lungo è la parola giusta visto i 90 km in programma), Didier Lafitte che coordina la “wave division” ha deciso di mandare in acqua, viste le belle condizioni di vento ed onde, i windsurfisti (21 riders: 8 locals,  2 ragazze e 11 international riders)… mentre surfisti e kiters per una volta hanno dovuto aspettare. E tra le onde il tredicenne hawaiano Roedinger (vedi l’intervista allegata e le foto) ha fatto capire di che pasta è fatto…
Text : Steve Palier/Festival de Dakhla - Pics © Jean Souville
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Long Distance recognition, wave action and clinics…
Another beautiful day here in Daklha under the sign of wind and waves still in the place. If Philippe Bru had decided to take the racers into a “race” recognition around the Lagoon of Dakhla, Didier Lafitte in charge of the “wave division” decided to send the windsurfers on the water in the afternoon while surfers, SUPers and kitesurfers had to wait patiently.
Race recognition…
“There will be a 90 km long distance program as soon as the conditions allow it” says Philippe Bru, Sports coordinator of the Festival, to the 10 windsurfers and 15 kitesurfers present for the briefing. “Ideally, we will go around the lagoon in order to show you the “natural” marks located around the course.” Early in the afternoon, a shuttle was arranged so that some competitors could be aware of the challenge that awaits them and thus evaluate the playground. Equipped with “trackers” (geo-localization system), they can be followed live on the website www.mygeolive.com as soon as the race will be officially launched. We just wait for ideal conditions, with a ideally oriented wind and not too violent. A possible departure is planned today in the afternoon above the « island of the Dragon », north of the lagoon. Appointment has been done at the Ocean Vagabond center windsurfing around 2pm.
Action in the waves!
If the kitesurfers, SUPers and surfers already enjoyed an early session in the waves of Foum Labouir in the morning, it’s around mid-afternoon that windsurfers have entered the arena for the official “waves” competition. Indeed, the wind forecast was not that good for the coming days, so the wave division director Didier Lafitte decided to start the challenge between pros and amateurs earlier than expected. Excellent idea, since the conditions were relatively good: 1 to 2m high waves despite a wind that will drop before the end of the contest. Among the 21 riders, 8 Moroccans, 2 girls and 11 international riders battled with incisive surf in pure down the line conditions. 3 young Moroccan accessed to 1 / 2 finals in style (Soufiane Sahli, Abderazak and Abdelfettah Elabdi) but soon the Moroccan champion Guilloul, young Hawaiian Roedinger (see interview attached), Canarian Ojeda, Venezuela Guadagnino, and Frenchies André, Taboulet and Etienne found themselves into the final. A finish that may be rerun as soon as the wind will be back (Friday?). Stay tuned.
The workshops are full…
Established by the school “Bouj ‘Windsurf Aventure”, these clinics offer free workshops for initiating the same sports that can be found on the Festival, windsurfing, paddling and kitesurfing. Monitors Ahmed, Hamza, Mustafa Lotfi are available to the curious who want to enjoy such an initiative. Located on the beach of “camping Moussafir” or on the beach “Nbaika” (in the heart of Dakhla!), these workshops have already received more than 80 people in 2 days.
Today, a few waves break again in Foum Labouir. Ronan Chatain, in charge of the “surf division”, will launch the competition of surfing and bodyboarding at 11am. Mainly to the attention of top 16 Moroccan, the show will most certainly deliver good action.


Interview Bernd Roedinger
How do you feel after your first paddleboard session? Do you like the place?
Yes, definitely. My father and I had a long long trip to come down hère. About 32h with the lay overs and all that stuff ! But we have had a nice welcome here in Dakhla on the camp of Foum Labouir, right in front of the wavespot, and know I’m sure the trip was worth it ! The place is magic and the waves are good. In fact, it is the first time I surf the waves of the Atlantic !
What is the biggest contrast with your island?
Well, for sure the culture. There is so many différence. But one similar thing is that the people here is really warm and with the same « attitude »…
What do you think of the concept of the Festival, mixing culture, musique and sports?
It sound like we’re back to the basics : to have fun, go surfing, camping and listen to good music at night. Awesome !
What equipment did you bring with you ?
One windsurf board, 2 sails and my SUP.
Will you be part of the « Waterman of Dakhla »?
I will be in the windsurfing and SUP disciplines, so for sure I’ll be then in the teams for the trophy !
Your sponsors?
Naish sails/boards


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