Red Bull Storm Chase on standby again…


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With the global storm season entering its peak marked by the beginning of winter in the Southern Hemisphere once again, windsurfing’s most-challenging contest enters its next exciting phase on July 22, 2013.After four months of „Intermission“ the event once again switches to standby mode to accomplish what it started back in August 2012: hunting down three massive storms around the globe to crown the ultimate storm windsurfing champion.To complete the event, two more missions will be held at two out of the six remaining Red Bull Storm Chase destinations: Brittany (FRA), Cape Hatteras/US east coast (USA), Galicia (ESP), the south west coast of Iceland, Omaezaki on the south east coast of Japan, and the north west coast of Tasmania (AUS).
After four out of the original fleet of ten sailors were eliminated at the end of January during Mission #1 in Brandon Bay, Ireland, the six remaining courageous windsurfers will compete in the upcoming second mission.
Four of the six athletes on Mission #2 will qualify for the third and final mission to crown the victorious Red Bull Storm Chase champion of 2013.
To witness the fiercest battles of man vs. man vs. nature in exceptionally stormy conditions stay tuned to - photo: Marko/redbullcontentpool


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