The 2012 Windsurfing Calendar…


Mentre la stecca del vento di Wind News, sia cartacea che web edition,  è in avanzato sato di gestazione (mi manca solo una foto hawaiana dell’amico Spanu…), questo è il momento in cui vengono alla luce i nuovo calendari 2012 a sfondo windsurfistico… uno di questi è il “The 2012 Windsurfing Calendar” curato da Andy Buchanan.
Watermen & Women I’m just getting in touch to announce the release of The 2012 Windsurfing Calendar, which features 15 stunning images from the lens of pro photographer John Carter. Attached are some sample images from within the calendar for you to check out.
If you want to brighten up your wall for 2012, or bag a sure-fire hit Christmas present, the calendar’s website is live and SHIPPING WORLDWIDE NOW.
Navigate to  o order your copy.

Presenting the 2012 Windsurfing Calendar: we’ve teamed up with the inimitable John Carter and the guys at +27 design agency to put together what we reckon to be a pretty damn inspiring calendar to brighten up your wall for 2012. Featuring 15 of JC’s favorite images from the past year (and a vintage Naish shot for good measure), and including a sexy untouched full-bleed final image to adorn your wall when 2012 draws to a close, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.



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